Maxismotion | Roll grinding machines and Large machine tools

CNC Roll Grinding Machines

Our machines are built with design and construction to meet stringent demands from the industry. Machines are engineered to deliver top quality roll accuracies and roll surface without compromise. Machines are built with the European philosophy, and anything less than perfection is not accepted.

We supply grinding machines for the following applications
Steel-Hot Strip Mills and Cold Rolling Mills. Work rolls, backup rolls, processing rolls
Paper Mills
Non-Ferrous like Aluminium foil mills
General Roll service companies
Important features of our machines are
  • Roll dia upto 2000mm
  • Roll Length upto 10000mm
  • Hydrostatic/Hydrodynamic Spindle with power upto 120kw
  • Roll measuring, crack inspection as needed
  • Accessories as needed
Important parts of the machines like beds are made to achieve roll grinding requirement and are made for strength and to prevent vibrations.
Choose Maxis Motion for exceptional roll grinding machines that deliver precision and reliability. Contact us today to learn more about our machines and how we can help enhance your production process with lesser cost
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