Roll Grinders UpgradeA Roll Grinder is a key Capital Equipment in Rolling Mills of Ferrous and Non-ferrous industries. It forms the heart of a Rolling Mill as Rolls have a direct impact in product quality and productivity.

Solutions for Roll Grinder upgrades call for expertise and experience both in machine building and product application. At Maxis, over the last 10 years, we have developed the know-how for Roll Grinder upgrade solutions which have been successfully tested across different types of rolling mills catering to different sectors

Features of our machine tool upgrade solutions include:-

Complete electrical upgrade based on an advanced configuration involving Siemens Sinumerik 840Dsl CNC system, Sinamics S120 drives and 1PH8/1FT series servo motors

An in-house designed, engineered and manufactured roll measuring system to measure roll dia, profile, taper and misalignment. The measuring system works in a closed loop with our CNC system

Interfacing of roll inspection systems to CNC

Guideways restoration by mechanical scraping. Straightness and flatness of ways are targeted to Roll Grinder standards and cross checked with LASER equipment and other tools

Complete mechanical revamping including refurbishment of hydrostatic or hydrodynamic spindle system, headstock, tailstock and steadies

Installation and interface of new dynamic electronic wheel balancing systems

Customized solutions like design, engineering and manufacture of hydrostatic spindles and steadies, lubrication system etc

The upgrade is based on widely available Siemens Sinumerik 840Dsl CNC system. This fully developed solution provides customized screens and grinding programs. Along with new electrical installation like new cabinets and wiring, machine gets a new lease of life for many years. Our system can also be upgraded further to add measuring system and crack/bruise detection systems. All commonly used crown profiles like Sine, CVC etc and additionally any custom curves can be added.
The two-point or three-point measurement system measures crown, diameter and profile error in addition to roundness and run-out of the roll. Profile results are displayed in graphic form for proper understanding and errors are compensated for. This helps in grinding rolls with required accuracy and finish
After years of use any machine loses accuracy and performance which results in issues related to productivity and accuracy of rolls. The machine is restored to its original condition by
   • Scraping guideways and restoration as per rollgrinder standard
   • Replacing grinding spindle and bushes
   • Modifying crowning mechanisms or introducing electronic crowning
   • Restoring headstock, tailstock and steady performances
Customized solutions as per requirement of the machine can be designed, engineered, installed and commissioned. For example, accessories like steady rests, grinding spindles, head stock bearings and pulleys, coolant filtration systems, telescopic covers among others