Machine Tools UpgradeMachine Tools Are Expensive To Replace. An Affordable Option Is To Revamp The Existing Machine Tool To Restore Or Even Improve Original Performances. Carrying Out This Critical Engineering Job Requires Experience and Expertise

Meticulous Re-engineering (Reconditioning and CNC Retrofit) can restore a machine tool to its original state and increase usable life considerably.

Experts from various fields form the core engineering team at Maxis and all solutions are offered from our in-house expertise. All critical hardware that go into an upgrade project are designed, engineered in-house and sourced from reputed suppliers world wide

Features of our machine tool upgrade solutions include: -

Restoring geometric accuracies of old machines to OEM standards. Checks to ensure geometry with LASER equipment

Re-engineering and replacing transmission elements like ballscrews, bearings, gears, spindles etc.

Re-configuring and replacing old and obsolete electrics with new CNC control, drives, motors, machine feedback systems complete electrical accessories like cabinets complete with switchgears, relays, contactors and wiring

Preparing manual machines for CNC operation by designing and re-engineering mechanics and by introducing transmission mechanisms like ballscrews and rack/pinion of suitable class accuracy

Offering customized solutions including introduction of hydrostatics, integrated spindles, bed and column extensions etc

Major Machines reconditioned and retrofitted include

Heavy and Medium Duty Lathes/Roll Lathes

Horizontal Milling/Boring machines

Horizontal Machining Centers

Vertical Turret Lathes

Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Special Purpose Machines, example Gun Drilling application

We use specialized laser equipments for restoration of geometry of large machine tools. We use electrical automation equipment from leading suppliers who have own service capability if customer needs after the warranty period.